First Second Books Unveils New Science Series

The scientific world is huge, and science communicators are an immensely important force in determining how that world is presented. And while science communication using comics is gaining ground, it is difficult to find comics that cover different scientific disciplines at a variety of levels of understanding.

For example, my own work tends to cater to 20-30 somethings with an interest in the cultural impact of science and science policy. (A pretty small slice of the science-curious audience.) And while I’d love to do an entire series of explainers from air pressure to entropy, I’m usually more interested in weird space stuff or robots.

Which is why I was excited to hear that First Second Books is releasing an all new series of narrow-focus, single-topic nonfiction graphic novels aimed at middle-grade readers. Autologically titled Science Comics, each book in the series will cover a topic in the wide world of biology, chemistry, physics, and more. The idea was to publish books on subjects that could be easily worked into lesson plans, no doubt to the delight of students and educators everywhere.

The first of the series, Dinosaurs and Coral Reefs, are due to be released in May 2016, followed by and Volcanos in the fall. Each season, a new volume will be published, allowing readers to amass an encyclopedic collection. It’ll be like having a Time Life Science Library in comic books. Which is awesome!

The first Science Comics books are due to be released in May 2016. Click through the gallery to see some pages from the series.
A sample from the upcoming Dinosaurs book, describing how fossils were once believed to have belonged to mythical creatures.
A sample page from the upcoming Dinosaurs book.
A sample page from Coral Reefs.