Father’s Day is your chance to be extra nice to your dad. In other words, drop the ‘tude and give them a present if you’re sick of them asking to borrow your headphones. All dads are different, which makes buying a Father’s Day gift tough. But, before you go reaching for the same car wash gift card or panic-buying a hammer at the hardware store like you’ve done for the past 11 years, we have some suggestions. If none of these feel like the right fit, take a look at check our Father’s Day gift ideas of years past, too.

Clash 100 Tennis Racket

Wilson Amazon

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The Wilson Clash 100 racket is literally a game changer. Typical tennis rackets—like that antique wooden racket your dad uses when it should be hanging on the wall amongst the other charming bric a brac at Applebees—make you choose between power and control. Wilson’s Clash 100 racket, however uses a pair of new technologies to balance control and speed. Their FreeFlex technology is a carbon mapping system that lets the frame bend so the ball stays in contact with the strings for longer. That translates into more control. The StableSmart frame structure makes the racket more stable and predictable during shots so you can place the ball more accurately and reliably during a volley. The Wilson Clash 100 is great for pros as well as beginners. $249.

Single-serving coffee bags

Steeped Coffee Steeped Coffee

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Not everyone has time to make a great cup of coffee in the morning. If your father’s always in the AM rush, single-serving coffee bags are a thoughtful way to keep some pep in their step throughout the day. Steeped Coffee makes these bags in micro batches, then seals them to maintain the coffee’s freshness. Choose from a variety of roasts to match dad’s tastes. All you have to do, is submerge the pre-portioned bag into hot water for about five minutes. $15.

Life NC headphones

Soundcore Amazon

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Soundcore’s Life NC headphones have powerful 12mm drivers that produce super-balanced sound compared to other around the neck or in-ear options. They hold a 10-hour battery life when you use the active noise-canceling feature or last up to 15 hours without it. The headphones help block out unwanted noise during phone calls with help from four microphones that are built into the lightweight neckband. Create a custom listening experience—tune the headphones based on your preference—through its companion smartphone app. $99.

BTM-1 Bluetooth speaker

Roland Amazon

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Roland’s new 2.84-pound BTM-1 Bluetooth speaker connects to your smartphone and streams your favorite music, but it also doubles as a guitar amp. Plug in using the speaker’s built-in guitar input and enjoy analog overdrive tone and echo effects. There’s also separate auxiliary input so you can plug in another instrument like a synthesizer. You and your pops can jam out to your favorite classic albums through one speaker. $200.

10-year scotch whisky

Laphroaig Amazon

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The super-peaty, 86-proof Laphroaig 10-year scotch whisky is a light gold color with complex palette of smokey, salty, and sweet flavors. I got some hints of vanilla and black pepper. It’s dry, balanced, smooth, and nice to sip straight. It’s exactly what you’d hope for in a quality scotch. A 750ml bottle costs $50.

Aerie down underquilt and sleeping bag

Outdoor Vitals Amazon

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If your padre is desperately in need of a new sleeping bag or won’t stop talking about hammock camping, this 75 x 32-inch Aerie down underquilt and sleeping bag from Outdoor Vitals is warm, comfortable, and worth serious consideration. According to Aerie, there are five ways to use this product. You can use it as a lightweight sleeping bag, an underquilt, a hammock, a technical blanket, or a sleeping bag. You can even hook it up to another Aerie to use as a double sleeping bag with a partner. The Aerie uses “StormLoft insulation” or, 800+ Fill Power duck down, to keep you warm. The Aerie comes in 30- or 20-degree temp ratings and available in green, black, and blue. $180.

Electric Toothbrush

Oclean Amazon

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The Oclean electric toothbrush holds a charge for about two months and can perform 42,000 strokes per minute. There are three brushing modes—cleaning, whitening, and massaging—and four intensity settings. Connect the toothbrush to your smartphone via Bluetooth and you can track stats about whether you’re brushing too hard and what areas you brush the most. If you track your brushing habits, Oclean will even send you free replacement brush heads. It comes with a magnetic charger and carrying case. The Oclean is available in three colors—pink, white, and black. $90.

10-inch digital photo frame

Nix Advance Amazon

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If you don’t live near your father, get them a digital frame so they can always look at photos of your beautiful face. The Nix Advance has a 1024 x 768-resolution screen that plays photos and 720p videos. To play your media, plug in a USB drive or SD card into the port at the back of the frame. A motion sensor turns off the frame after you leave the room. The frame also includes a clock, calendar, and stereo speakers. $100.

RoboVac 11S MAX

eufy Amazon

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For the messy dad… Over the next two weeks you can save 25 percent on eufy’s newest robot vacuum, the RoboVac 11S MAX. This super-quiet vac is just as thin as other models in the line—2.85-inches high—but features increased suction power and automatically adjusts that suction when it reaches a particularly gnarly spot. It can clean for 100 minutes on a single charge. It also has large enough wheels to maneuver over up to .59-inch bumps. Get one today $200.