3D TV Coming Next Year to the UK

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Not just content with making a splash on the big screen, content providers are also set on bringing 3-D programming into the home as well. Sky TV plans to launch a dedicated 3-D channel in the UK next year.

The station will offer a smattering of sports, movies, and entertainment-related content, all piped through to the living room via a set-top box. This seems to lineup with Panasonic’s plans to have 3-D movies in the home by 2010 as well.

In addition to the service, you’ll also need a 3-D-ready TV and special glasses that produce the 3-D effect.

Luckily, most TV manufacturers will have 3-D TVs in their future product lines, and most DLP-based displays are already 3-D-ready. No specific date has been given for when the service will actually launch, other than 2010 (which has been pushed up from 2011).

[via Sky via Gizmag]