Mariah Power Windspire Image 1

Vertical-axis wind turbines have blades that spin around the main pole, instead of using a propeller that sticks out to the side. Mariah Power’s Windspire is the first vertical axis turbine that can start in low winds without a boost from a motor or inefficient scoops or wings.

Mariah Power Windspire Image 2

Vertical-axis wind turbines are usually quieter than traditional propeller-style turbines. The Windspire produces just 45 decibels, a little higher than an ordinary indoor room.

Mariah Power Windspire Image 3

The Windspire works even where winds vary, because its magnetic generator changes its frequency with wind speed to produce the most power possible.

Mariah Power Windspire Image 4

At 30 feet high, you can put up the Windspire even in residential areas where zoning laws forbid tall structures.

Mariah Power Windspire Image 5

The Windspire can deliver up to 2,000 kWh a year, which is about a sixth of the energy used by a typical home.