Toiletry bags to keep your travel essentials organized

Throw it in your gym bag or your luggage.

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If you travel a lot, it’s helpful to have a toiletry go-bag at the ready. It helps make sure you haven’t forgotten the essentials: contact lens solution, a toothbrush, your deodorant. If you’re looking for a new Dopp kit, you’ll want to consider size and how many compartments the bag has (which can be anywhere from 1 to a dozen). Here are some of our top choices.

Topo Designs is a brand known for its practical, rugged supplies, and its triangle-shaped Dopp kit is no exception. It has one compartment, large enough to store a toothbrush, razor, and a few other items. The inside is a bright yellow, and it’s lightweight and easy to carry.

The Herschel Chapter Travel Kit is a well-made, clean-cut bag that you can use for toiletries as well as tech gear or art utensils. At 8-and-a-half inches wide, it’s slightly shorter than others on this list, so if you’re looking to store something particular, make sure to measure its length.

This elegant and compact toiletry bag can fit a lot without getting bulky. The inside is water-resistant, which helps keep it clean if your lotion or contact solution spills. It also boasts a separate magnetic section for your toothbrush. Get it in black or navy blue.

This tech pouch is for anyone who loves compartments. You can easily turn it into a go-to travel bag, for all the small items you constantly use: lotion, pens, etc. It’s also great for people with a large bag, where small items like hair ties and chapstick can get lost.