The best guitar stands for every space

Keep your instrument off the ground and out of the case.

Imagine a world where musicians trip over their guitars daily. That’s exactly where we’d be if it weren’t for guitar stands. Sure, there’s always the classic “prop it up on a chair” approach—followed by a cringe as the guitar invariably slides to the ground. The time-tested guitar case, too, is a reasonable resting place for when safety or travel is a must; but it doesn’t lend itself too well to the quick ups and downs required of live performance or everyday life. Guitar stands, meanwhile, keep an instrument safe and available for spontaneous strumming.

These days there are many forms and options of stands available on the market and each one caters to a different set of specific needs a musician may face in their career and workspace. Here are a few of our favorite guitar stands currently on the market.

Compact: AmazonBasics Guitar Folding A-Frame Stand

Fold And Go

Easiest to store. Amazon

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Amazon’s straightforward A-frame guitar stand features a small stature and footprint that allows it to stay out of the way in high traffic areas and have low visual impact. This foldable stand has specially-shaped support rungs and three adjustable width settings to accommodate a broad range of guitar shapes and depths so you don’t have to worry about whether your axe is getting the support it needs. Soft foam lining covers the backrest and arms to protect the guitar from impacts and scratches, and it’s made of lightweight material so you can fold it up and take it with you to the gig.

Best overall: On-Stage XCG4 Black Tripod Guitar Stand

Secure And Adjustable

It has rubber-tipped feet and a rubber fastener on the neck arm to keep your instrument in place. Amazon

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This classic tripod-style guitar stand features an adjustable-height neck rest held in by a friction knob to securely accommodate longer instruments like electric basses. The foam-covered metal that makes up the arms and neck holder is a significant improvement over the less durable plastic designs and ensure sustained softness and protection for your guitar. Other highlights: a swinging mechanism built into the lower arms rotates according to the contour and center of gravity of your instrument.

In the air: String Swing CC01K-BW Guitar Hanger and Guitar Wall Mount

Free Up Your Floors

The kit comes with everything you need. Amazon

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If you’ve got the wall space to spare, mounting your guitars is a great alternative to traditional floor stands. A guitar hanger brings your instrument out of your walking area and up at eye level, saving floor space as well as giving your prized possession a lofty display. The String Swing mounting block is made of real wood with a walnut finish.

Best multi: HERCULES GS525B 5-Piece Guitar Rack

For The Collector

Best choice if you have multiple instruments. Amazon

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This five-piece guitar stand from Hercules is the ultimate option for collectors and live performers who swap out instruments on stage. Its durable metal frame is both sturdy and compact, and every contact point is covered with foam and rubber to protect your guitars and help them rest snugly. It’s lightweight and foldable so you can take it on the road, and it’s the perfect size for securely displaying up to five of your guitars and basses in as little space as possible.