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Father’s Day gifts

For the old man, the papa, the daddy, the pa, the pop, or the pappy.

Dads are half of the reason you’re here, so celebrate your existence by celebrating theirs. Sure, you’ll never be able to give them something as special as the gift of life, but you can try! Here are our picks:

Bluetooth headphones

Bose Amazon

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If they’re good enough for me, they are a good fit for Pops. The QuietComfort 35 (Series II) over-ear headphones are my go-to for traveling, office listening, and blocking out unwanted noise. They hold a 20-hour charge, interact with virtual assistants, and connect over Bluetooth or NFC (near-field communication). The headphones can be used wirelessly, with a 3.5mm cable, and have adjustable noise cancellation. This means he can choose how much outside noise he wants to let in. $349.

Wi-Fi clock

LaMetric Time Amazon

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This isn’t your average digital clock, just like your father isn’t just any father. He can customize its face with icons and animations, and get updates from apps for info like the weather, news, and social media updates. He can also connect smart home products and stream music from his smartphone. The clock connects over Wi-Fi so it always shows the correct time. $199.

Cork LED lights

Makerstep Amazon

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Dads need ambiance. These 12-lumen, LED cork lights fit into bottles with .5-inch- to 1-inch-wide mouths and turn on by twisting the cork bottom. They charge in under 30 minutes via a USB port. This pack comes with four lights. $20.

Whiskey decanter set

Flybold Amazon

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This handblown whiskey decanter set from Flybold is shaped like a globe—super cool for Dads that travel a lot—and comes with two etched drinking glasses, eight stainless steel whiskey stones, and a wooden base. The globe holds 850ml of whiskey and has a glass sailboat inside. The set also comes with a glass stopper and pouring funnel. $60.

Super Mario Puzzle

It’s a Mario. Think Geek

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I’m all about presents that involve me, and I love doing puzzles. This 1,000-piece Super Mario number is, really, the gift of bonding. This Think Geek exclusive is a great way to spend some quality time with children, too. When you’re done, you’ll have a 19 x 27-inch Mario masterpiece. $15.

Foot massager

Mynt Amazon

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The Mynt Haven foot massager has 22 massage heads, three massaging modes—sooth, refresh, or traditional shiatsu—and covers both your feet entirely when doing its thing. It has adjustable settings for roller speed, intensity, air pressure, and can reach up to 113 degrees. The device has removable inner sleeves that can be cleaned in a washing machine. $180.

Mini Raclette set

Boska Holland Amazon

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Here’s one of the cheesiest gifts you can get your Dad. This mini non-stick Raclette folds up and is heated by mini tea candles, making it super portable. It comes three candles and a wooden spatula to scrape the melted cheese off the top. $23.

Record frames

MCS Amazon

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If the Dad in your life has a groovy record collection, help them show off their favorite covers with aluminum vinyl frames. These 12.5 x 12.5-inch frames have a clear back, so he can show off the rear artwork. The protective sheets are made of a clear Styrene. This pack comes with six frames. $66.

Bluetooth speaker

Soundcore Flare Amazon

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Anker’s Soundcore Flare provides powerful 360-degree sound, uses BassUp EQ adjustment to provide a full bass sound, and has a color-changing LED ring that reacts to the beat of the music. The waterproof speaker can also be paired with a second speaker to provide stereo sound. $60.

Coffee mugs

For the java-drinking papa. Amazon

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These two mugs are for the Dad that loves sports and also enjoys playing with food.

This porcelain mug has a little hole on the bottom, and comes with a pen shaped like a golf club and a mini golf ball. Even while they’re on a boring conference call, they can enjoy tee time. $9.

The dishwasher-safe ceramic baseball mitt glove from let’s Dad toss tiny marshmallows into his hot chocolate. $25.

Star Wars tie clip

Think Geek Think Geek

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Does your Dad love Star Wars? Highly likely. This stainless steel tie bar—it’s 2.5-inches long—looks like Darth Vader’s lightsaber hilt, and will let them walk around family reunions screaming “Billy (or, you know, your name), I am your Father.” $40.

Tie roll

Happyliya Amazon

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The number of times I’ve “carefully” packed a tie in my suitcase and it came out a rumbled mess is baffling. If you’ve got a tie-wearing pa that travels a lot, this device can help keep them looking fresh. The faux leather product fits ties 3.5 inches or narrower. $11.

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