In this image, you can see the fissures on Enceladus’ southern region from which its jets of water vapor emerge.

310 miles: the diameter of Saturn’s moon Enceladus, whose large underground ocean is now a top candidate for extraterrestrial life

10 million microbes per square centimeter: the population density of human skin (see what’s living with you here)

Sam Kaplan

$9: the price per pound of Jelly Belly’s new beer-flavored jelly beans

Jelly Belly Draft Beer

Meet the world’s first beer-flavored jelly bean. It has wheat and sweet flavors, like the Hefeweizen it was inspired by—and while it doesn’t contain any alcohol, you can eat it with a Red Apple bean for a G-rated apple cider shandy. $8.99/lb.

140 different styles of beer: are classified by the Brewers Association (read about how the bubbly brew took over the world here)

15 minutes: the time it takes to turn empty beer cans into sun-tracking cameras


Beer Can Camera

Here’s another way to reuse empty beer cans. As photographer Justin Quinnell explains, it’s the perfect material for creating a pinhole camera. Honorable mentions go to Quinnell’s other photography projects, which include eye-shaped camera obscuras and images taken from inside the photographer’s mouth.

1,640 feet: the range of Audi’s new laser headlights, which use blue laser modules in place of standard high beams

Audi Sport Quattro

7.2 feet: the record-setting distance American physicists managed to send a super-high-energy laser beam

9 years: the time this scientist spent developing a fish-massage system for cruelty-free caviar

Beluga sturgeon

The beluga or European sturgeon is the source of beluga caviar, and is critically endangered.

About 3,600 minke whales: have been caught in Japan’s dubiously scientific whaling program since 2005

About 30 days: the time an airplane’s flight data recorder sends out a detectable sonic ping (read why we haven’t built a better black box here)

9.4 percent: the factor by which astronauts’ hearts become more spherical in microgravity

That’s Not The Shape Of My Heart