October 2013: The Future Of The Car

Letter From The Editor



The Brilliant Ten

Every year Popular Science names 10 young geniuses whose work will change the world. Meet researchers studying exoplanets, sequencing entire ecosystems, building a better internet, and more. By Veronique Greenwood and Valerie Ross

Traffic Pattern

Robots can already outdrive humans. ****Now everyone just needs to get out of their way. By Adam Fisher

  • Plus: Peak Car


At the Pikes Peak racecourse in Colorado, electric cars prove their the real performance vehicles. By Ezra Dyer

  • Plus: Fuel Boom
  • Plus: Hydrogen Hits the Track

Why You Can’t Sell Me A Car

**A millennial’s manifesto to automakers. ** By Dave Mosher

What’s New

  • Saws All
  • The Goods
  • The Fastest Zero-Emission Motorcycle
  • Gunk Proof Everything
  • The Safest Backcountry Backpack
  • Tools for 21st-Century Pet Care
  • The Top U.S. Dog Breeds
  • The Final Upgrade


  • Mummy Medicine
  • Hard Currency
  • What Happens If An Astronaut Floats Off In Space
  • Telescopic Eyewear
  • Snapshot
  • Body of Reserach
  • The Scale: Power
  • Three Parents, One Baby, No Disease

How 2.0

  • Drainpipe Submarine
  • Concrete Canoe
  • Veggie Vision
  • Smart Microwave


  • What Would Happen If You Got Zapped By The LargeHadron Collider?
  • Does Stress Make You Hungry


  • Leg Up