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There was a great article from _The Onion _recently called “Study: People Far Away From You Not Actually Smaller.”

But what if they were???

A new game, created by a team of students from Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center now at a development company called Pillow Castle Games, plays with the idea of forced perspective: stuff looks smaller when it’s farther away, so what if it actually was smaller, and you could manipulate those objects to solve puzzles? Pick up a giant Statue of Liberty that’s far away, then carefully place the miniature version on a table; grab a small painting, then place it far away to make it gigantic. Using that, you can make your way through levels, solving puzzles to progress.

The game’s still in early development; it’s not clear when we’ll have a final, downloadable version of it. But there have been some great games built on simple, novel ideas–“mechanics,” in videogame parlance–so we’ll be eager to see how this one turns out.