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Letter From The Editor

Powerful Ambitions

The Energy Fix

The Future of Energy: Solar

By Erik Sofge

The Future of Energy: Waste

By David Ferris

The Future of Energy: Global Landscapes

By Katie Peek

The Future of Energy: Water

By Erik Sofge

The Future of Energy: Wind

By Erik Sofge

The Future of Energy: Oil and Gas

By Curtis Brainard

The Future of Energy: The Energy Gap

By Susan E. Matthews


City of Light

** Why would a petro-state erect a solar-powered eco-metropolis in the middle of the arabian desert?** By Dan Baum

Sniff Test

** Dogs are the best bomb detectors we have. Can scientists do better?** By Josh Dean

What’s New

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* **[Small Wonder](**
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* **[Cold, Hard Facts](**
* **[Aqua Turbine](**
* **[Light Duty](**
* **[Building Blocks](**
* **[A Bridge for a Bridge](**
* **[Not Just the Facts](**

How 2.0

* **[Human Catapult](**
* **[Hacked Classics](**
* **[Inventive Ink](**
* **[Barf Bag Phone Mount](**


* [FYI: Do Parasites Get Parasites?](
* [FYI: Do Wind Farms Make it Less Windy?](


* [Gut Check](