Anker’s new PowerWave intelligent wireless chargers are already on sale

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Today, Anker released two new wireless smartphone chargers—the PowerWave Series Stand and the PowerWave Series Pad. The only real difference between them is orientation. The Stan props your phone up, making the screen easier to see, while the pad is flat. Both use Anker’s WaveBoost tech—higher quality chips and components—to provide the fastest charge possible for your device. They also have a built-in fan underneath the wireless charging coils to keep them from overheating, which can extend the time it takes to refill your device.

When you place the smartphone on the pad or stand, it detects what type of smartphone is being charged and provides the optimized output level: 7.5 watts for Apple phones like the iPhone X, and 10 watts for Samsung phones like the Galaxy S9.

Both products weigh less than half a pound, are coated with a rubbery TPU coating. A small, blue LED light lets you know when the charger is plugged into an appropriate power source and also indicates the charge status of your phone. The electromagnetic signal is strong enough to charge through a thick, leather wallet phone case. Included with the chargers are a Quick Charge 3.0 adapter, three-foot MicroUSB cable, in case you want to power up the old-fashioned, wired way.

For the first two weeks, Anker is offering 15 percent off the purchase of a single charger when you use the code POWER752 at checkout or 20 percent off if you purchase two using the code POWER753.