Sabrent USB charging station
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Wireless charger deals

Anker Amazon

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With the new iPhones shipping out at the end of the week, snag a discounted wireless charger for the home or office. Use the code 10WIRELESS at checkout and get a 10 percent off a selection of Anker’s wireless Qi charging products like its PowerWave. It charges your phone as fast as possible, employs a fan below the coils helps keep the chargers from overheating, and even detects what type of device it’s charging to dish out the right amount of juice. Apple iPhones crave 7.5 watts, while devices like the Samsung Galaxy S9 want 10 watts. Charge this way for more wireless charging options.

SmartCharge F0

Roav Amazon

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For a car charging option, Anker’s Roav SmartCharge F0 features two high-speed USB charging ports with PowerIQ to recognize which device you’ve plugged in. It lets you pair your phone to the device via Bluetooth for making phone calls and stream music over an FM signal through your car’s stereo. Use the code VIVAFF22 at checkout to save 35 percent—now $13.

Harmony Ultimate

Logitech Amazon

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Logitech’s Harmony Ultimate all-in-one remote is on sale for 19 percent off—so it’s now $140. It can control 15 separate devices, features a color touchscreen with customizable shortcuts, and has haptic feedback to let you know that it’s registering your commands. It also comes with a hub that allows control of thousands of WiFi or Bluetooth-connected devices. All you have to do is plug the remote into your computer and use the website to download drivers for the device you want to control. It’s the handiest gadget you’ll ever lose in your couch.


SoundPEATS Amazon

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If you’re in need of a pair set of quality, cheaper Bluetooth earbuds, select SoundPEATS products are on sale for up to 33 percent off. Their sports in-ears connect via Bluetooth 4.1, are IPX6 waterproof rated, and provide eight hours of continuous music. The SoundPEATS Force model has 16 hours of battery life, is splash proof—IPX5 rated—and features a comfortable, soft neckband.

They also have a 10-watt Bluetooth portable speaker that features 8 hours of battery life, has a built-in mic for phone calls, and provides 360-degree sound. $20.

10-port USB charging station

Sabrent Amazon

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If you have multiple USB-charging devices—or you’re planning on having some friends over to stare at their devices and avoid conversations—a fast-charging USB hub deserves a spot on your desk. Today, this Sabrent 10-port charger is 62 percent off and now only $17. Like the Anker chargers above, it recognizes what type of device is charging and provides the maximum charging speed.

Savings on Play-Doh sets

Play-Doh Amazon

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I spent a lot of time as a child with my hands deep in mounds of Play-Doh. Today only, save up to 56 percent on Play-Doh kits including My Little Pony, Kitchen Creations Frozen Treats, and a standard classic 36-container set assorted colors. The dough is non-toxic and most sets come with cutout molds to help with the creations. It’s a good way to replace all the dough your toddler ate when you left them alone for thirty seconds to go check on dinner in the kitchen.

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