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speech clouds coming out of the smartphone

How to clone your voice on your iPhone or Mac

Anyone can set up Personal Voice now.

An aerial view of a cargo ship waiting at the Khawr Abd Allah canal leading up to Al-Faw port in southern Iraq in June.

How cleaning up shipping cut pollution—and warmed the planet

When the maritime sector slashed sulfur emissions, it became an accidental experiment in geoengineering.

a bear lays flat on its belly on a rocky beach with its legs projected backwards

It’s sploot season: Animals strike a pose to chill out

It’s nature’s way of being cool.

Astronomy: a 40-foot telescope constructed by William Herschel, in use outdoors. Coloured etching, 18--. Wellcome Collection. Public Domain Mark.

400 years of telescopes: A window into our study of the cosmos

The humble glass set our quest in motion. Here are a few steps along the way.

tv antenna on the roof of a house

How to connect an antenna to a TV: Watch movies, shows, and sports for free

A TV antenna can grant you access to free local and national programming, but you need to get the right setup for your situation.

photo of an iphone screen with imessage icon showing one new message

This iPhone feature will filter out spam and texts from people you don’t know

An easy-to-miss setting makes managing your texts a lot easier.

a flat map of the planet jupiter, showing reddish-orange lines and the planet's great red spot
Deep Space

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot keeps shrinking

There could be fewer storms for the bright red anticyclone to consume.

Solar farm panels in meadow

There’s a right and a wrong way to build a solar farm

Large renewable energy installations can handle storm runoff and soil erosion, if constructed correctly.

Outages have hit at least eight states this year.

The nation’s 911 system is on the brink of its own emergency

While some states, cities, and counties have modernized their systems, many others are lagging.

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