This Image of the Latest SpaceX Launch Is Awe-Inspiring

Capsule flight and rocket landing captured in one amazing shot

SpaceX nailed the landing again, shortly after midnight in Cape Canaveral, Florida. The aerospace manufacturer captured the whole moment in one photograph, showing the Falcon 9 rocket’s descent to a safe landing while the uncrewed Dragon capsule heads for the International Space Station.

Falcon returned to Earth eight minutes after launch, landing a few miles south of where it started. Dragon is carrying 5,000 pounds of supplies, hardware and experiments, including the first two international docking adapters— crucial components to the development of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program. Dragon is scheduled to be plucked out of space and captured by the ISS crew on Wednesday.

map of KSC
Falcon launched from Space Launch Complex 40 and landed at SpaceX Landing Zone 1, nearly seven miles down the Florida coast. Google Maps