There's no milk or cream in here. Just pistachios homogenized till they're creamy, then frozen into unctuous gelato, and served with a cookie. Want to see more? Check out our look at the workings of the kitchen lab here.. Paul Adams

This week, if you’ve been watching television, you may have seen Dr. Nathan Myhrvold dipping his hand in liquid nitrogen on the Colbert Report or making a striped omelet on the Today show. We also saw the Modernist team at the New York Academy of Sciences, where everyone in the standing-room audience got a bowl of modernist pistachio gelato, which is made of nothing but pure pistachios ultra-homogenized into a cream.

Back in January, as you recall, I went to Seattle to visit the Modernist Cuisine kitchen laboratory, talk to Myhrvold and his team, and eat striped omelet and pistachio gelato long before TV stars got their famous paws on it.