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This doll could not keep a secret. Amazon

Technology has made childhood much different than it was just one generation ago. As far as young ones know, cell phones have always been packed with fun games and social apps to feed you likes and shares. Smart assistants have always been listening, ready to answer our call at any time. And content has forever flowed freely from subscription services like Netflix.

The relationship between kids and gadgets is complicated. It’s all too easy to lose a child into their iPad for hours or days at a time. And they don’t necessarily know that they shouldn’t go spraying personal information all over the web with reckless abandon (although many adults don’t seem to know this either).

This dynamic gets even more complicated when technology takes direct aim at the grade school set. In this week’s episode of the Techathlon podcast, we take a look back at some of the most troubling kid-focused gadgets of all time, from security nightmares to mega-successful multiplayer games that introduced an entire generation to the idea of living painfully online.

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Here’s a look at what else you can expect from this week’s show.

Techathlon Decathlon

As always, Jason has crafted a series of 10 trivia questions to recap the week’s biggest technology news stories. The competition is fierce, the information is useful, and it’s yet another chance to talk trash about your score on Twitter. The scores are especially tight this week, so prepare for high-drama.

Joker or CEO

Tech CEOs love to talk. Sometimes, the words that come out don’t make a ton of sense. At other times, they can sound downright villainous. This week, we’re bringing back one of our favorite Techathlon segments. Rob reads a quote and the rest of us have to guess whether it came from a tech exec, or from one of the various iterations of The Joker. It’s surprisingly challenging, especially when you consider how often Elon Musk is always talking about defeating Batman and taking over Gotham City with his underground tunnels.