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There are lots of ways to communicate with people on the internet. Just this morning, I’ve used Slack, text, Facebook Messenger, iMessage, and even a video chat. Even with all those options for getting in touch, somehow email still persists as one of the primary ways to reach out to someone on the web. We’re all Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan living in a romantic comedy decades ago. So, while you fire up your inbox this morning, do it with a soundtrack of the latest episode of Techathlon.

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Techathlon Decathlon

As always, we take the week’s biggest tech stories and turn them into a fun trivia game. It’s the perfect opportunity for both education and trash talk. This week, we talk about Verizon’s newly enabled 5G network and how to get your very own John Legend (or at least his voice). As always, the competition is fierce so feel free to tweet your score to us @TechathlonShow.

The Google Graveyard

Last week, Google killed its ill-fated social network, Google+. This isn’t the first app or utility that Google has killed, however. In this game, we describe a deceased Google product and our contestants need to reach into their memory banks for the name.

Don’t Stat Me: email edition

Google’s ubiquitous (except for my parents who still use Hotmail) email service, Gmail, turned 15 years old last week. In this game, Rob quizzes us about some of the most mind-boggling stats regarding the state of email in 2019. The numbers get crazy.

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