We’re rapidly approaching fall. Before you know it, the pumpkin spice leviathan will begin its annual rampage across the land, knocking the leaves off of trees and forcing children back to school in its festive, autumnal wake. But, for now, there’s still one more week of summer, which means you should load up your favorite podcast (which is Techathlon, of course), hop in the car, and drive somewhere summery. It’s the perfect way to ease your brain back into learning mode while wringing the last bit of joy out of the best season of the year.

This week’s show is a perfect road trip mix of challenging tech questions and fast-paced fun to keep you entertained while your kids sit in the back seat with their AirPods on and you sit up front trying to distract your brain from the existential crisis that comes with the passing of each year.

You can listen in the player above, subscribe on iTunes, add us on Stitcher, join us on Anchor, and check us out on Spotify. You can also follow along on Twitter. This week’s games are particularly fun for trash talking.

Here’s a look at what you can expect from this week’s episode

Techathlon Decathlon

Rob is back from his vacation and his suspiciously robotic brain is all rested up and ready for trivia. Topics this week include Microsoft’s new web browser, Tim Cook’s take on the tariffs, and Supreme’s burner phone for, sigh, hypebeasts. Play along and tweet us your score.

The FCC phone scam game

Last week, the Federal Communications Commission released a glossary of phone scam terms designed to help people avoid all the bots and creeps still lurking around the phone lines. In this game, I give you the name of the scam and our contestants have to guess how they work. Do you know what slamming and cramming are? You will.

Shortcuts to success

You probably use keyboard shortcuts every day. Who hasn’t wished they could bring the precious Control + Z undo feature into real life? In this game, producer Jason shouts out computer shortcuts and our contestants have to say what they do. It sounds easy until you throw in a stressful time cap and then it becomes shockingly difficult.