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Watch the exclusive trailer premiere for James Cameron’s new ‘OceanXplorers’ series

With 80-percent of Earth’s oceans still largely uncharted, there’s a lot out there to discover. Of course, getting there on your own isn’t the easiest journey, but that’s where OceanXplorers can help. Today, National Geographic is premiering the first official trailer for its upcoming, ambitious six-part miniseries, exclusively on Popular Science. Check it out ahead […]

Billionaire plans to ride $20 million submersible to the Titanic

An Ohio real estate developer is the latest billionaire planning to visit the Titanic in a deep-sea submersible. Larry Connor confirmed his intentions during a recent Triton Submersible profile for The Wall Street Journal, which also revealed that Triton’s co-founder Patrick Lahey will pilot the $20 million, two-passenger 4000/2 Abyssal Explorer. According to Lahey, Connor […]

Shark skin and owl feathers could inspire quieter underwater sonar

Sharks and owls are evolutionarily optimized in surprisingly similar ways. When it comes to the ocean’s apex predator, their skin’s textured patterns, known as riblets, help cut down on drag. With owls, their tiny feather ridges called serrations allow them to fly silently while hunting prey. Although the naturally-occurring aids have inspired biomimicry-based aeronautic designs […]

Did sonar finally uncover Amelia Earhart’s missing plane?

New deep sea sonar scans are reigniting interest in one of the 20th century’s most enduring mysteries—the disappearance of Amelia Earhart. For those in charge of maintaining the world’s largest Earhart archival collection, last week’s news appears not only credible, but extremely promising. “The potential discovery of the location of Amelia Earhart’s plane is incredibly […]

OceanGate confirms missing Titan submersible passengers ‘have sadly been lost’

OceanGate announced on Thursday afternoon it believes a “debris field” discovered near the Titanic indicates all five passengers aboard OceanGate’s Titan submersible “have sadly been lost.” The experimental, uncertified vessel disappeared on Sunday during its 2.5 mile descent to briefly visit the historic ship’s remains. The Titan’s $250,000-per-seat inhabitants included a billionaire British explorer Hamish […]