Window fans that will keep you cool

Breezy solutions to help you beat the heat.

fan in window
Cool it!Amazon

While air conditioners are nice, they’re often expensive and they eat electricity. Window fans provide an alternate way to enjoy a hot day even while indoors. This simple staple of easy living circulates air through a room. Combined with fans operating in reverse to vent air from other parts of the house, they create a steady, pleasant breeze to create comfortable, inviting spaces. Window fans are often much quieter than air conditioners, and they’re perfect for bedrooms where oppressive heat might already make sleeping difficult. When cooler days finally arrive, window fans are easy to remove and store—at least until the next heat wave rolls through town.

AmazonBasics Window Fan
Simple, uncluttered design.Amazon

Featuring manual controls and twin nine-inch blades, this is a no-frills window fan for when you bring a little extra air to a room. The simple design features three fan speeds, and the unit can be reversed in the window to use for exhaust. With the built-in expandable sides, it fits windows between 25 and 32 inches wide, and the simple white design looks great with any modern decor.

Bionaire Window Fan
Adjust settings through its LED display.Amazon

With twin 8.5-inch reversible airflow blades, the Bionaire fan is designed to draw cool air in and send warm air out, circulating air throughout a house or apartment. A programmable digital thermostat can be set from 60 to 80 degrees, turning the fan on or off in response to ambient room temperature. A convenient remote control lets you adjust fan speed, toggle manual and automatic operation, change airflow direction, and raise or lower temperature from up to 15 feet away. Using the built-in expanders, the fan fits windows 24 to 37 inches wide.

Air King 20-inch Whole House Window Fan
Powered by a 1/6 horsepower motor.Amazon

This large, single-blade fan is powered by a three-speed, 1/6-horsepower motor. At high power, it moves 3,560 cubic feet of air per minute. Air King’s Storm Guard feature lets you close your window in the event of a storm without having to remove the fan first, making it a convenient solution in areas prone to inclement weather. It fits windows 27-inches to 38-inches wide and 26.25-inches tall, and plugs into a standard electrical outlet.

Bionaire 3-Blade Compact Window Fan
When you don’t want to obstruct your views.Amazon

With three blades that are only six-inches high, this window fan reduces window obstruction so sunlight can pour in and you keep your lovely views. Use the control knob to select three different speeds, while a manual thermostat helps maintain a consistent comfort level. What’s more, it’s designed to be mounted either horizontally or vertically for maximum flexibility.