Survive the summer heat with this wearable fan

It wraps around your neck and has a built-in LED flashlight.
Two people wearing a wearable fan around their neck.
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Are you still loving the summer when things start to really heat up? Sunshine is great, but the kind of sweat that drips from your forehead and gets in your eyes is just foul. If your tank top and shorts aren’t giving you a cool enough breeze, it’s time to create your own.

Wrap this portable fan around your neck like headphones and get a blast of wind right toward your red-hot face. Picture your next walk or ball game with a lot less sweat involved. Go straight to checkout to order your wearable fan now for $35.99 (reg. $49.99).

The key to surviving summer heat waves

Turn the fan on low when you want a light breeze, medium for vibes that feel like you’re cruising around town with the windows down, and high to activate an emergency cool-down. The fan’s battery lasts 2.5 to five hours, depending on the mode, which is enough for a walk around town or your evening barbecue. Recharge with a USB-C cable.

Going for a post-dinner stroll in the dark to walk off those hotdogs and potato salad? Turn on the wearable’s LED flashlight to act as a personal headlight down the sidewalk. This could also be helpful for working on your car or hobby projects where you need a hands-free light. It is even made with comfortable and flexible rubber-coated carbon steel.

And if it sounds like a summer win for you, you can skip right over to checkout to grab it faster.

When you’re done cooling off or strolling around, neatly fold them up and tuck them away in your pocket or bag. Since they weigh about the same as your phone or an apple, you won’t even notice they’re there much. 

Go straight to checkout to stay cool this summer (no matter how hot the thermometer reads) with a portable neck fan and LED flashlight for $35.99 (reg. $49.99).

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