Paper shredders to eat up sensitive documents and information

Don’t let sensitive information fall into the wrong hands.

You don’t need to be doing anything salacious to benefit from a paper shredder. While they do evoke images of government evasion and organized crime, these helpful appliances are great for getting rid of sensitive, personal information. Don’t let old documents pile up because you’re afraid of dumping them in the recycling bin for all to see. A paper shredder can help you reduce clutter and efficiently turn personal info into confetti.

Super Strong

This powerful appliance can rip through just about anything. Ultra-quiet operation, anti-jam auto-reverse, and a 5-gallon pull out bin keeps things covert and efficient. Aurora


Sensitive information doesn’t just accumulate on paper statements—old credit cards, CDs, and other materials can just as easily fall into the wrong hands if not disposed of properly. Luckily, there are many heavy-duty paper shredders with the ability to rip up more than flimsy paper documents while still fitting neatly by your desk.

Your New Personal Assistant

With a 20-minute continuous run time, an impressive page capacity, and many manual options, this unit will get the job done at record speeds. Boxis


If you need to shred a sizable number of documents, or you work at an office where shred jobs can pile up, look for a model that has a large auto-feed capacity. Some shredders can handle up to 300 sheets at a time, shredding each one individually without pause. You can, essentially, set it and forget it, letting the appliance do its thing as you focus on other tasks.

Small but Mighty

Perfect for cramped or narrow spaces. This choice has four control modes (auto, off, reverse, and forward), a 4.8-gallon bin, and P-3 security features. Amazon


If you primarily work in a home office, or you generally lack extra space, look for a paper shredder that is compact but packs a punch. Think about how often you’ll actually need to shred documents and choose something with secure shredding capabilities over a large sheet capacity. Chances are you’ll need to shred up to 12 documents at a time, rather than 200-300, so forgo those big auto-feed numbers for something budget-friendly and reliable that will fit your space.