For couples that live in the same house, neighborhood, or city, sometimes the best thing they can do for their relationship is to lock their phones away in a box and actually spend time together. But for couples in long-distance relationships, tech can be an engine for a more lasting romance. (Letters are still nice, but you know what’s nice? The immediate gratification of texts.)

Here are three other devices to help you feel the absence of your other half a little less.

Long-distance pillow talk. Amazon

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For couples that enjoy a nice pre-bedtime chat, this Bluetooth pillow features Night Owl speakers and a cutout to let you sleep on your side. It’s a leisurely way to feel like you’re snuggled up next to your significant other during a hands-free call. It’s also completely wireless and lasts up to eight hours on a battery charge so you can chat the late hours away.

Light up the room of the light of your life. Amazon

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Let your loved one know that you’re thinking about them with a simple touch. This matching set of lamps connects to each person’s wifi, and responds with mood lighting when you place your hand on it. It’s a sweet and simple way to be present in somebody’s life without actually being there—after all, actions speak louder than words. For thruples and other polyamorous pairings, the system allows to you sync up as many lamps as your heart desires.

Never miss a virtual date again. Amazon

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If you’re in a different time zone from your partner, you might need to refresh your math skills to get to that FaceTime or Skype date on schedule. This unisex dual-faced watch will help you always be punctual, while serving as a sweet reminder of where your other half is. The contrast white stitching is a stylish touch, and the piece also comes with a lifetime warranty.