People who have ceiling fans in addition to air conditioners know that the power to circulate air throughout your space can help ensure comfort. But for many apartment dwellers, one person’s ceiling fan is another person’s nightmare when the vibrations from the fan downstairs cause an annoying hum in the apartment just above. In contrast, floor fans can be moved to the perfect spot, and can be positioned to efficiently direct air while you’re sleeping. Here are our favorites to help make the heat more tolerable, with or without turning on your AC. Just remember to turn fans off when you aren’t in the room to benefit from the breeze, as fans can’t change the temperature of the air.

Powerful wind creator: Lasko 20″ High Velocity QuickMount

For A Strong Gust

A force to be reckoned with. Amazon

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If you’re sensitive to noise, you’ll probably want to choose a tower fan over this high-velocity fan. But if you’re more interested in the power to move air throughout your space or even on your patio or porch, this three-speed floor fan is the way to go. The fan pivots to give you more control over air direction, and has rubber pads on the stand to protect your floors. Use it at night to take advantage of the temperature drop outside to pull in cooler air, or on days when it’s intolerably hot and sticky in your kitchen after cooking a meal. You can also mount it to your wall if you’re using it in a garage or workspace to help vent paint smells or dust.

Best for sleeping: Lasko Portable Electric 42″ Oscillating Tower Fan

It Stands Up For You

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If falling asleep with a cool breeze on your face feels relaxing and necessary, this 42-inch 3-speed tower fan has got you covered if the top of your bed is lower than 3.5 feet off the floor. The diameter of the base is just 13 inches, so it doesn’t take up a lot of floor space, and the remote control allows you to turn it up, down, or off in the middle of the night without rising from a supine position. You can also use the special nighttime setting, which starts off on high and moves to medium and then low as the night progresses. Light-sensitive sleepers should know that you can dim the machine’s lights, but not fully turn them off when the fan is in use.

Most versatile: Dyson Pure Cool, TP01 HEPA Air Purifier & Fan

Best Design On The Market

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With all Dyson purchases, you’re paying a high price that may or may not correspond to an improvement in function, but certainly is an investment in cutting-edge gadgetry and aesthetics. The signature blade-free design appears to move air magically while protecting your cat’s whiskers from a curious mistake, and this model also contains a HEPA filter to combat mold, dust, pollen, pet dander, and pollutants.