Dogs require love and attention in large quantities. Raising a puppy in particular—fun as it may be—can feel like a full time job. Luckily, feeding time is a moment when your dog is excited, engaged, and well, out of your hair. So use this rare respite to your advantage and make their experience nourishing and satisfying. Dog bowls can regulate the rate at which your dog eats, the amount that they eat, and more. So what should you consider when picking a venue for fido’s feast? Read on to learn more.

Great for Working Families

May mealtime last forever! This kibble bowl never goes dry as it automatically refills from its reservoir when low on supply. Amazon Basics

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Some dog food bowls make it such that there’s always some food available to your furry friend. They automatically dispense more grub when the supply gets low, so you never have to worry about your dog being hungry. These are especially useful for the pet owner that spends a lot of time out of the house.

Awesome for Older Dogs

For tall and small pups alike. Better posture while eating makes for easier digestion. Pet Zone

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Dogs of different sizes and ages sometimes need their feeders to be at different heights. If you’ve got an older, taller dog, it would be prudent to buy a bowl with adjustable legs, so your dog doesn’t need to bend down to reach its meal. This will help promote joint health and can lead to a longer, happier life for your faithful tail-wagger.

Clean and Classic

For the minimalist pup, this is more than enough. It will hold steady during feeding, so you won’t have to worry about your pet literally losing its lunch. Dishwasher safe and holds a large quantity of food. PEGGY11

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If your dog is a fast eater and gobbles its food up at unhealthy speeds, there are some bowls that create an easy obstacle course for your dog to work through in order to reach all its food. This is great for doggy digestion as well as brain functionality. Of course, many dogs don’t have any special requirements, in which case simple floor-level stainless steel bowls work perfectly well. If taking this path, be sure to get a bowl that’s dishwasher safe and non-slip so your dog’s meal won’t slide and spill.

Also Consider

For Fast Eaters

Gives your pet an entertaining maze to work through in order to find every morsel of food. Eating at an easy pace aids in an animal’s digestion and prevents inflammation. Outward Hound

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