Whether you’re biking on a busy city street or a quiet dirt road, reliable bike lights are a must. Why risk an accident because a driver can’t see you or strain your eyes looking for twists and turns in the road? Bike lights don’t need to be complicated or expensive to be effective. Here are four great options to enhance your ride—there’s even an option for those of you who use a bike-share system.

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For a bright set of head and tail lights that will stay securely in place, grab this combo from Cygolite. The flashing tail light is visible for well over half a mile, even in the daytime. 700 lumens may not be the highest number on the market, but the lens keeps the light controlled. No need to use batteries—all it takes is a USB charge that will last more than 100 hours. This set is also water-resistant, which is particularly valuable when your afternoon ride becomes dark and damp.

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If you don’t want to spend a ton of cash but want to practice safe riding, the Vont Bike Light is an easy choice. Considering the low price point, this light set is surprisingly well made. Both the head and tail lights are waterproof in case you get stuck in a downpour. The aluminum construction means it won’t sit heavy on your handlebars. You can even try this out for a full year and if it breaks or you don’t like it, they’ll give you a full refund.

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For those of you who like mountain biking at night, this might be the best choice for you. Even at its lowest setting, it is an incredibly bright light with a wide beam. You should have no trouble cruising down a bumpy path, and the rubber strap mount ensures easy installation and great stability. It has a rechargeable battery that will tell you when it’s time to charge because the light will change from blue to red. No need to worry about getting stuck mid-ride without a light—this set has great battery life. Serious riders will also appreciate the durable, waterproof design.

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If you thought you couldn’t get a bike light for your Citibike, think again. This little light works on either the front or back of your helmet, which of course you should be wearing. No need to charge in between all your rides—this light will run for 43 hours before you need to recharge it. It has two brackets to mount it in parallel or perpendicular orientation, which makes it great for all helmets. The big button also makes it easy to reach up and change modes without fumbling around.