Portable hydration is so much more than a couple of beers and elaborate straws affixed to a trucker hat. Water bottles of every shape and color now provide ample opportunities for stylish hydration, but a trendy vessel doesn’t address a big issue associated with carrying around water: its weight. Luckily, for years designers have been playing around with comfortable fluid distribution, particularly for athletes.

These endurance essentials effectively turn you into a human camel able to access a cache of water with minimal effort.

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This affordable pack is ideal for the trail. It contains a water bladder for staying hydrated as well as pockets for phones, snacks, and gear. The BPA-free and food-grade plastic bladder (picture an IV drip bag, not the anatomical organ) holds 2 liters of water (that’s almost 9 cups) and slides into an insulated compartment to keep it cool on hot days. Slip the pack over your shoulders and buckle around your waist for a secure fit. When you’re thirsty, grab the bladder’s hose and use it as a straw.

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This pack is made especially for mountain bikers, with a compact design to store what you need while staying out of your way. The hydration bladder holds up to 100 ounces of water, and the drinking tube is kept in place with a magnetic trap so you’re not fidgeting with it as you’re trying to navigate a tight turn or steep descent. Stay cooler with a back panel design optimized for air circulation, and remove the stability belt if you’d rather ride with fewer straps.

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This lightweight waterproof nylon and mesh vest gets bonus points for versatility. Store water bottles or sports drinks in the front pockets for a short trail run, or tuck a hydration bladder into the main compartment when you’re training for a marathon. People who notice a residual taste with certain brands of water bladders, or have a strong preference of drinking tube, can customize this pack with their favorites. No water containers or bladders are included with purchase.