Robot vacuum cleaners that keep your home floors immaculate

The easy way to keep your floors clean, without lifting a finger.

The first ever robotic vacuum cleaner was manufactured by Electrolux and was called Trilobite, named after an extinct creature that used to scour and clean the ocean floor. It was first demonstrated in 1996 on the BBC’s Tomorrow’s World programme, but it wasn’t until 2001 that it became commercially available. Today’s models can be controlled with smartphone apps or even your voice and a smart assistant, and they can use the latest technology to map out your home—you can even ask some to clean specific rooms or areas. Read on to discover all you need to know…

Voice Control Option

Offering up to 100 minutes of tidying time in standard mode, this low-profile device works with an app and home assistants, including Google and Alexa, to make cleaning a breeze. eufy

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The best robot vacuum cleaners are able to distinguish between surfaces and adapt their suction and cleaning mode accordingly. But they work best in large and uncluttered areas so make sure you do a tidy up before setting them on their way as otherwise there’s a danger that they’ll either come grinding to a halt, or carry on regardless leaving devastation in their wake.

Easy to Empty

With anti-collision and anti-fall features, this smart device has three different modes, and can also schedule routines via the accompanying app. ECOVACS

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Different vacuums work in different ways but, as with most tech, it’s only getting smarter. The most sophisticated robot vacuums work in conjunction with an app on your phone, mapping out the space of your home from the first clean, which then allows you to instruct it to clean certain zones and not others. Others work with household assistants like Alexa, or are smart enough to know when their batteries are low so can return to the dock for a recharge and then start again from where they left off.

With Wet Cleaning Too

Set the boundaries with the included magnetic strips, and then let your device do its thing. If it gets stuck, or lost, the multifunctional app has a finder feature which allows you to rescue it. Coredy

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It’s worth bearing in mind that robot vacuums have their limitations. They can’t clean stairs, for a start, so you’ll have to have another vacuum for them, and obviously, you’ll have to move them from floor to floor if your house has more than one level (or buy one for each level). While some also come with a mopping function, if you have rugs or carpet as well as hard surfaces in your home, it’s worth checking that your robot is intelligent enough to know the difference between surfaces otherwise you could end up with a soggy carpet.