How To Work Off Your Holiday Dinner [Infographic]

Just how many hours of Wii Fit Bowling does it take to burn one (conservatively portioned) meal?
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Today’s infographic is actually called, “How to work off your Christmas dinner,” but, as we all know, overeating at every justifiable opportunity is more of a human tradition than a religious one, and most people find such opportunities in abundance at this time of year, Christmas or no Christmas.

So we thought everyone could use a few pointers about how they can work off the excess calories. Before we proceed, however, one caveat: if you are planning to eat the traditional Christmas dinner outlined below, keep in mind that the portions in this graphic are based on “serving sizes,” which are based on how much food people were eating, on average, 30 or 40 years ago, which–holiday splurging aside–was way less than people are eating now. Most people I know can easily put away twice the amount of food shown here. Oh, and then there’s dessert. And alcohol. You get the idea:

How to Work Off Your Christmas Dinner

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