UK Report On Future Jobs Predicts More Space Pilots and Organ Manufacturers, Fewer Butchers

With the US unemployment rate hovering around 10 percent, and the UK unemployment rate stuck at about 8 percent, most people are worrying about what job they’ll have 20 days from now, not 20 years in the future. However, for people willing to hold out until 2030 before finding a new career, a new report from Britain’s Department for Business, Innovation and Skills predicts that the jobs available then will be quite awesome, with space pilot, vertical farmer, and organ designer as some of the more popular professions.

The report, written by the company Fast Future for the British Government, predicts that an overflow of information will create the need for data waste managers, that reversing global warming will result in a market for geoengineers, and, ominously, that the spread of futuristic diseases through an increasingly populated world will mean job openings for quarantine enforcers.

In addition to adding new professions, the report envisions serious changes to established jobs. Robots and computer models will replace highly salaried, highly trained professionals like doctors or hedge fund managers as if they were line workers at a factory. Furthermore, the days of a career in a single field will end, and with Rohit Talwar, chief executive of Fast Future, telling the The Guardian that, “students coming out of university now could easily have eight to 10 jobs in their lifetime, across five different careers.”

The report does not mention whether or not freelance bloggers in 2030 will continue to make the $500,000 base salary we do now, but just in case the future looks bleak for online journalists, I have switched to lighting my Cohibas with $50 bills instead of the usual $100s.

The Guardian