Safety vests essential for exercising at night

You don’t want to blend into your surroundings.

guy on bike with reflective jacket
Give 'em the old razzle dazzle.Sebastian Huxley via Unsplash

When you hit the streets to exercise or walk your dog in low light conditions like fog, rain, and or just the evening hours, drivers and cyclists may not be able to see you. While there’s no way to eliminate your risk of accident completely—a distracted driver is a dangerous driver no matter how visible you are—you can manage that risk. Along with headlamps, gear lights, and reflective strips on shoes, consider throwing a reflective vest over your exercise outfit. Here are three excellent options to help you relax and enjoy your workout.

Fletson Reflective Vest for Running or Cycling
You still have to look both ways when crossing.Amazon

Keep this basic option on hand in a couple of different sizes for a comfortable fit over tank tops in the summer and jackets in the winter. Made of polyester mesh, this vest is lightweight and features a handy zippered pocket on the inside for your phone. Pull it over your shoulders, secure it with the velcro tabs on either side of the bottom, and machine wash it as needed.

Reflective Running Vest Gear 2 Pack by Mr. Visibility
Buckle up.Amazon

If even a lightweight vest feels voluminous with your streamlined workout gear, this suspender-like model will take away the bulk. Adjust the neon green shoulder straps covered in silver reflective material to your frame and buckle at the waist. You’ll need to hand wash these, but the affordable price for a two-pack ensures there’s always one on hand, even after a run in muddy conditions.

Tracer360 Reflective Vest with Multicolored LED Fiber Optics
Bright and blinky.Amazon

Gearheads on the lookout for the latest innovations will find it hard to resist this vest, which from the back looks sort of like a spider at the disco. A belt buckled just under your chest secures fiber optic cables with LED lights that blink, flash, and strobe in a variety of colors. It’s water-resistant for use in all seasons and powered by AAA batteries with up to 40 hours of use before needing to be replaced.