Pokémon Go Lost A Third Of Its Users

There's been a 15 million user decline since its peak last month

Pokémon Go is having a rough time with the long-haul game plan. After setting plenty of records and monopolizing the news in July, the game has lost some 15 million regular users.

The number is huge even despite the incredible 45 million user high set at the game’s peak–it also takes into account the fact that since the peak, developer Niantic has actually added regions to the game’s availability.

A lot of those losses could be attributed to repetitive gameplay, questionable choices by the developer in its response to criticism, and an overall frustration with features that are desperately needed to perk up the game. Users still haven’t seen improvements to the combat system, the introduction of a friends list or trading abilities, and frankly we’re all getting pretty sick and tired of the number of Magikarps in our neighborhoods.

Users like myself who have deleted the game will likely return once there’s something new to do. Today’s announcement of new features was a good step, but not enough to really change the game’s mechanics for people who are waiting to actually be able to do something with their Pokémon besides awkwardly flail at gym bosses.

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