Peek Inside Your Body With An Augmented Reality T-Shirt

Check out your friends' guts

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In a distant future, doctors might use augmented reality to peer inside patients and help diagnose ailments. For now, though, we’ve got t-shirts.

Virtuali-Tee, an augmented reality t-shirt that’s currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, brings tech and biology together by printing a coded pattern on apparel. When viewed through a related mobile app called Curiscope, the shirt comes to life, revealing the virtual internal organs of its wearer.

The virtual organs are anatomically correct, meaning it can be used just as a fun party trick, or in classrooms for education. Body parts and systems are labeled in the app, too.

For a more in-depth view, the app can also be used with a virtual reality headset to explore human anatomy from inside the body. (That software is separate from the t-shirt.)

The Virtuali-Tee has just two days left to be funded on Kickstarter. The project’s creators are seeking $96,957, and are about $8,000 shy of their final goal.