Microsoft Unveils Three New Smartphones At Windows 10 Event

Microsoft unveiled three new smartphones at its Windows 10 event today in New York City: the Lumia 950, 950 XL, and 550.

As one of the newest Windows Phone devices, the Lumia 950 will make use of Hexa Core processor, 3GB of RAM and starts at 32GB of storage. The Lumia 950XL is a larger device with an Octo-Core processor and bring a larger battery. While the Lumia 950 will measure up to 5.2 inches and the XL 5.7, both devices bring a pixel count of 500 ppi and 5 megapixel front-facing camera/20 megapixel rear shooter.

The Lumia devices, known for their cameras, will bring some key changes to picture taking on Windows Phone devices. Along with a dedicated camera button, Microsoft is including better optical image stabilization and triple RGB flash–which, according to Microsoft, will mean no red eye and no “looking like a ghost.”

Like Android’s One Plus Two and Nexus 5X ad 6P, both the Lumia 650 and 950 XL will utilize a USB C charging and connector port.

The Lumia 950 and 950 XL will work with Microsoft’s new Display Dock device. Docking one’s Lumia to Microsoft’s new attachment allows phone owners to turn their device into a full Windows 10 PC. The Display Dock also allows your phone-turned-desktop PC to support three extra USB ports, HDMI and Display Port. Using the Lumia with the Display Dock allows users to use Microsoft Office and watch videos as well as upload photos from the device’s memory or a thumb drive. With your phone as the brain, Microsoft wants to use the Display Dock to offer an option instead of traditional desktop PCs.

The Lumia 950 will start at $549 with the XL version beginning at $649, both coming in November. The Lumia 550 will arrive in December.