last week in tech

San Diego Comic-Con happened last week, which introduced a glut of new sci-fi and fantasy news and content to absorb. But, while you were watching—and then subsequently arguing about—that new Aquaman trailer online, the tech world continued its march onward. Here’s a recap of everything you may have missed.

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The new Gorilla Glass can survive multiple drops

Shattering a phone screen or glass back really stinks. The new Gorilla Glass 6 from Corning, however, is formulated to survive up to 15 drops from a heigh of 3.3 feet. The company suggests the glass can survive even higher drops, which is great news for that one guy in your office who still uses a standing desk and makes you feel bad about yourself for sitting in the same place for 10 hours a day.

Apple’s new MacBook Pros reportedly have better keyboards, heat issues

The big story about the new MacBook Pro laptops is the revamped keyboard, which uses a crumb-blocking membrane to prevent the keys from jamming up with Dorito dust. iFixit’s tear down shows how effective it really is. On the other hand, some MacBook Pros with powerful i9 Intel processors are having some heat management troubles that are slowing down the systems. It’s also tough on your poor lap.

WARR Hyperloop reached 290 mph in the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition

Last summer, students from the Technical University of Munich managed to move a Hyperloop pod through a tunnel at 200 mph. This year, however, the team cranked up the power and achieved a top speed of 290 mph to win the 2018 SpaceX competition. The video, (embedded above) is as impressive as it is mesmerizing.

Netgear made an Arlo smart doorbell with a security camera


Netgear Arlo Doorbell

Here’s the Netgear Arlo Doorbell in its natural habitat—next to a door.

As connected home companies like Ring continue to add to their security offerings, the space is getting pretty crowded. Now, Netgear has added a connected doorbell with a security camera to its Arlo security systems. The doorbell syncs to a mobile phone to give you alerts via your device, or you can hook it up to an optional Arlo Chime to get a more traditional doorbell experience. Either way, it sounds like a solid option for catching those delivery drivers who sneak up to your door and slap a missed delivery tag on there the second you step in the shower.

Facebook had another tough week

A lot happened in the Facebook world this week. Here are the bullet points:

  • The company’s messaging app, WhatsApp got an update after fake messages that spread via the service spurred violent and deadly attacks in India.

  • Mark Zuckerberg gave an interview to Kara Swisher at the Recode podcast. It went badly.

  • Facebook and Instagram are going to take a harder line on underage users on the services.

Netflix update its internet speed test

Did you know that Netflix maintains a site specifically to measure the speed of your internet? It’s called and the company recently updated the service to include latency measurements to see how network traffic affects your speed. The new information might be overkill for most users, but now is a good time to head over and make sure you’re getting the speed your provider is promising.