Iron Man Would Wear These Sunglasses That Slide Into Place

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Morpheus from The Matrix taught us just how cool sunglasses can be, but the internet is finally on the right track to perfecting them. Reddit user Annoying_Guest posted his creation to the r/3DPrinting subreddit: custom-made glasses that automatically shift into place when it’s bright outside. The shades are currently prototypes, but inventor Yousif Ashoor has them working enough to function on camera.

The sunglasses, after sensing UV light, will slide into place to shield your eyes from the sun. Once out of direct sunlight, they move out of the wearer’s way. TechCrunch reports that Ashoor made the sunglasses after seeing some trailers for Deus Ex. “I thought it would be cool to have something like the augments Adam Jenson has so I used my knowledge of 3D printing and design,” he told TechCrunch.

Many face wearables like Google Glass or the upcoming Snapchat Spectacles offer the ability to wear your phone’s features on your face, letting you see your notifications or record the world around you, but few actually iterate on the traditional uses of glasses. This prototype’s goal of shielding from UV light is a forgotten, yet necessary feature of a gadget one would wear on their face in the future. It will be hard to tell what trends wearables will move toward in the future but, if the shades are any indication, Yousif’s career as an inventor is looking pretty bright.