An extra large portable power source for 45 percent off? I’d buy it.

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Anker PowerHouse
The Anker PowerHouse. Amazon

If you’re driving cross-country, taking a camping trip, or just want to have a portable power source that will keep you—and your devices—going for days, the Anker PowerHouse holds around 60 times the power of smaller portable power banks. $330 might sound like a lot, but stay with me: after charging the device for 10 hours, you’ll have enough juice to power your laptop around 15 times. And you can charge multiple items at once.

It can power your phone. It can power your mini fridge. Your TV. Your lamp. It has three output modes—four fast-charging USB ports, an 110V AC outlet, and a 12-volt car socket port. Using a high-density lithium-ion battery, the PowerHouse is lightweight—just over 9 pounds—has a sturdy aluminum shell, and comes with an 18-month warranty. The device monitors and controls voltage and temperature as well as prevents short circuiting. $330.

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