Kits to help you grow your own mushrooms

Fun with fungi.

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Mushrooms are truly magical; they belong in a kingdom of their own, separate from plants and animals. They also have many health benefits, like B vitamins and selenium, which can help boost your immune system, and can even help clean up hazardous toxic waste. However, foraging for mushrooms in the wild can be dangerous. Unless you’re ready to do a lot of studying up, it’s better buy them in the grocery store or grow your own. Here are some mushroom kits that let you do just that.

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Oyster mushrooms are low in calories and provide antioxidants—and these coral pink oyster mushrooms have a lovely color to boot. Grow your own oyster mushrooms with this easy-to-handle kit (all you really have to do is open it up and spray it with water). It’s backed by a 100 percent ‘grow guarantee’, too, so if you don’t succeed you’ll get a full refund.

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Lion’s Mane contains bioactive substances may be good for your brain, heart, and gut. This kit produces up to four pounds of mushrooms or three to four flushes over a two-month period. After they’re grown, you can sauté them in butter like a steak.

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To learn everything about mushrooms, from the edible varietals to their life cycles to the characteristics of each, this guidebook is the perfect introduction for beginners. If you’d like to progress past kits, this book also delves into 12 different growing methods, with both indoor and outdoor methods of cultivation. The illustrations are beautiful, too, which makes it an enjoyable and educational read.