What Weapons Would China Use In World War III?

A top secret preview of the weapons in Ghost Fleet, a new novel about our future war with China
Ghost Fleet DF-21D Antiship Ballistic Missiles Stonefish falling on ships at sea
The DF-21D anti-ship ballistic missile (AShBM) is the breakout star of the Chinese anti-access arsenal. While the current DF-21D can only reach the western portions of the Pacific, hypersonic glider vehicles on future AShBMs descendants would extend their range well into at least the central Pacific. Chinese Internet

Today, Ghost Fleet: A Novel of the Next World War, is coming out. By August Cole and Eastern Arsenal’s very own P.W. Singer, it’s a novel about what might happen if the brewing Cold War between the U.S. and China were ever to turn hot.

Here’s a handy visual guide to the arsenal of the Directorate—China’s fictional new government:

Sino-Russian Zheng He Ghost Fleet Type 055 Cruiser
Ghost Fleet H/PJ-38 Cannon on Type 055 cruiser
China 052D Destroyer Luyang III at sea
Hologram Ground Control Station by China Drone Technology
3D Virtual Reality Headset on a Chinese Pilot in Training
Ghost Fleet Jiaolong Deep Sea Submersible at sea
China Tiangong spaceship in space
China exoskeleton on a Chinese soldier
Chinese soldier pointing the Ghost Fleet ZH-05 Smart Grenade Rifle
Ghost Fleet ZTZ-99A Tank on a field
Z-10 attack helicopter China in flight
Ghost Fleet Soaring Dragon UAV Drone in flight
Ghost Fleet Military Aerostat on the ground
DARPA Challenge entrant Ghost Fleet Robots Team Grit
Ghost Fleet Quadcopter flying around buildings on fire
China drone SVU-200 robot helicopter helicopter on the ground
Chinese Ghost Fleet PL-12 and PL-21D long-range missiles
Chinese Ghost Fleet Radar H200 in a city
Two Y-20 China transport aircrafts in flight
China J-20 Stealth Fighter 2015 aircraft in flight
China aircraft carrier Liaoning Type 052C at sea on a naval exercises with other Chinese warships
China J-15 "Flying Sharks" Carrier Fighters in flight above the sea
Ghost Fleet J-31 Stealth Fighter aircraft in flight
Chinese Military Aviation's Ghost Fleet YJ-12 anti-ship missile