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My office is an absolute catastrophe here at the end of 2022. The year-end crunch has the whole place scattered with coffee cups, orphaned pen caps, crumpled to-do lists, and a whole bunch of pistachio shells from an unfortunate incident that happened during a late-night editing session. I’m resolving to keep my office more livable in 2023, and I need some stuff to make that happen. Amazon’s Stock Up & Save program offers discounted versions of essential items in various categories. The deals are especially good when it comes to office essentials, though. Of course, that includes notepads, pens, and other common supplies. But it also extends to snacks, cleaning products, and even dog training pads if you’re the type to keep your pooch around while you work.

And, making the deals even sweeter, which is something we all need after all that Christmas shopping, you’ll get 20% off your order if you order more than $50 worth of products from Amazon’s Stock Up & Save program. Play your cards right and that’s like getting free bags of pecans to snack on. They’re delicious, and they don’t leave shells to fall onto the floor and slowly annihilate your feet with their impossibly sharp shards.

Here are some office essentials that qualify for the Stock Up & Save discount: