Save 40% on Anker surge protectors, USB-C docks, and other boring-but-essential PC accessories

Keep your computer and other electronics safe with this discounted Anker surge protector from Amazon right now.
Anker surge protector Amazon deals
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Some PC accessories are fun to buy. A new mouse or keyboard can change the way your whole setup feels. A fancy monitor upgrade can drastically improve your entire rig. Other accessories can’t provide that kind of dopamine flood, but they’re just as important. A good surge protector keeps your delicate electronics from frying during a power surge. And a USB-C hub makes the most of laptops’ ever-shrinking arsenal of ports. Right now, Amazon has some popular Anker devices on sale up to 40 percent off. You might as well save some money while making the responsible buying decisions.

Anker Surge Protector Power Strip (2100J) $21 (was $36)

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This massive surge protector offers 12 AC outlets, two USB-A sockets, and a 20W USB-C port to charge a whole army of gadgets all at once. It comes with an 18-month warranty (which is a nice bump up from the typical year-long policy), and covers up to $200,000 in connected equipment should something go wrong. This model has hit this price a few times in the past year, but it’s regularly around $30 or up around its retail price of $36. If your power strip is getting old, it’s probably time to swap it out.

Anker USB-C hubs on-sale

If your computer needs more inputs to make up for its paltry array of USB-C connections, you can easily expand your options with USB-C hub. Anker makes some of our favorite models, some of which are on sale at their lowest prices in six months.

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