The Oculus Rift is one of the most immersive gadgets we’ve ever seen–just strap the glasses onto your face and you’re transported to a virtual world. But if that’s somehow not enough, you can help fund PrioVR, a set of sensors that monitor your movements and translate them into a game, with help from the Rift. Bend your knee, and your on-screen (or on-Oculus Rift) avatar bends along with you. Swing a sword, and so does she.

The developers of the sensors, YEI Technology, think people are willing to drop $225,000 on Kickstarter, and so far they’ve raised more than $21,000, with 42 days to go. If you want to get on the early adopter, train, though, it’ll cost you: kits are being offered to backers at a minimum of $450.

Still, the sensors look crazy-accurate, at least if the videos from YEI are any indication.

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The question, really, is how many people will actually want one of these things. To run in the game, you apparently have to physically run. If you’re playing a game that spans miles and miles, does this system force you to go along with it? And if so, does that limit you to playing games that take place within a walkable distance? Questions! We’ll see how many people have faith in the idea in the next 42 days.

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