Video: Real-Life Fruit Ninja at 1,200 Frames Per Second

Our high-speed Phantom video camera reveals the winner in a game of knife vs. pineapple

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You know that iPhone game Fruit Ninja? Where fruits are flying at you and you have to slice them in half with a finger? It’s a good, mildly challenging subway diversion. Translate it to the real world, though, and suddenly the air is full of slashing blades and squirting pulp, and it’s not nearly as easy to cut a fruit in half as you thought it was.

I found this out the hard way. And wasn’t I lucky that our Phantom v641 high-speed, high-def video camera was there to document my shame at 1,200 FPS?

Let it be known that this edit is very kind to me; many more un-ninja’d fruits passed my elegant swing unscathed. We’ve spared you that tedium. But also let it be known that if you don’t stick around this video until my shining moment at 55 second in, I’m coming after you with the pineapple-cutter.

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