Fall(Out) Guy Part 14

It's Time to Mosey On, Folks

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Fall Guy Part 14
The End? Maki Naro
<> Maki Naro

And so our story comes to a close (for now). I hope you’ve enjoyed the series. It was a lot of fun to research and draw. While the main story is done, there will be more one-shot comics sprinkled throughout regular updates. So if you’re a radiation safety professional with a story or experience you’d like to see in comic form, please get in touch!

I want to thank Phil Broughton and Kathryn Higley for being so helpful and enlightening throughout the process, and for lending their time, knowledge, and likenesses to the comic. You can find Kathryn at Oregon State University where she heads the Radioecology group. You can find Phil at the Office of Environment, Health, and Safety at UC Berkely. He can also be found blogging about radiation safety and on twitter as @funranium .

On a related note, when I last heard from Phil, he was playing Fallout: Far Harbor, reprising his role as The Gourmand, a character whose goal is to eat everything and everyone the game has to offer.

Until next time.

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