Against all odds, AT&T is entering the browser market with an application called Pogo. The hitch isn’t in faster rendering or better Web standards, but in a three-dimensional interface for organizing your windows, bookmarks, favorites, and history. Think of it like Coverflow with a z-axis for the websites you visit.

Instead of tabs at the top, you get a scrollable strip on the bottom which displays thumbnails of all the sites you’ve visited in a session. You can pop that up into a three-dimensional view and drag the sites around into collections. Each collection can then be associated with a tag; that tag can be applied to any page as you browse in the future to add it to the tagged collection. Your can manipulate your history and searches the same way.

Whether the visual tricks prove to be useful will likely play out once the beta becomes public. The early word online is “what’s the point”? We’ve seen this kind of fancy rendering subbing for better organization before—in my experience it’s more a processor drain than an easier way to find things.

[Via Techcrunch]