Best of What's New 2020: Categories


Anything that flies or pertains to flight, including commercial, private and military aircraft, avionics, spacecraft, balloons, rockets and propulsion systems. Space-exploration devices (eg: telescopes and satellites) are also considered Aerospace.


Conveyances - cars, trucks and motorcycles - and technologies that run those conveyances (propulsion, transmission, braking, steering, suspension, telematics, in-car entertainment systems, seating, tires and lighting).


Equipment or structures that require the specialized knowledge of an engineer or architect. This includes mass-transit systems, buildings, ships, amusement-park rides, submersibles, airports, tunnels, bridges, dams and power plants.


Devices intended for enjoyment and/or media consumption by either an individual or a group. This includes home audio-video gear, such as HDTVs and stereo equipment, portable entertainment devices, such as media players and headphones, and videogames and gaming hardware. Advances in movies, theaters, arcades and other public activities are also considered Entertainment.


Portable electronic devices, including cell- and smartphones, point-and-shoot and DSLR cameras, tablets, Bluetooth headsets and other electronic accessories. Items purpose-built for leisure, such as dedicated media players, belong in the Entertainment category.

General Innovation

Items that don't fit into any of the other categories but can still be considered products (as opposed to processes, techniques or ideas).


Medical treatments and devices available to the public directly or through treatment centers. This includes over-the-counter and prescription medications, home medical equipment, surgical devices and internal imaging systems.


All products and materials used in home and landscape construction, maintenance and remodeling. This includes hand and power tools, appliances, home-automation systems, building materials, lighting, and cooking and cleaning products.

Personal Care

Treatments, products, and devices available directly to the public that support wellness, personal appearance, and mental wellbeing—as opposed to treating health conditions. This can include makeup, skin treatments, sleep aids, (some) fitness trackers, haircare, apparel, and wellness/time management apps.

Sports & Outdoor

Any gear related to sports, fitness, games and hobbies. This includes outdoor and camping equipment, recreational vehicles (bicycles, ATVs, scooters), sporting goods, apparel, and musical instruments.


Products that promote safety and/or prevent theft, injury and crime. This includes military and law-enforcement technology, home security products, and surveillance devices.