How To Turn A Barf Bag Into A Phone Mount

Become the envy of fellow passengers on TV-free airplanes
Son of Alan
person making a DIY phone mount

On the streets of Manila, Flynn Jason Siy entertains himself with urban gymnastics. On airplanes, he avenges boredom with barf bags. During a budget flight to the resort island of Boracay—on a plane lacking TVs—Siy made a cradle for his smartphone from the metal closure tabs of several bags, allowing him to comfortably watch movies on the device. Here’s how to engineer your own seat-back screen in a few minutes.


Take three barf bags from nearby seat pockets, and remove their pliable closure tabs.


Bend two tabs into Z shapes. Work one end of each tab into gaps above the tray table lock. The other ends cradle the bottom of your phone.


Fashion the third tab into an inverted J, and wedge it between the lock and the upholstered seat to secure the top of the phone.


Plug in your headphones, sit back, relax, and (actually) enjoy the flight.