The best way to keep vinyl records alive? Make them yourself.

A bit rough around the edges, but that's DIY.
A person holding an orange homemade vinyl record in front of some blue, horseshoe-shaped couches.
Pressed vinyl. Yuri Suzuki

ProTools? Bah! Let’s make some vinyl! As part of Jerszy Seymour’s Coalition of Amateurs exhibition at Luxembourg’s modern-art museum, Mudam, artist Yuri Suzuki created records from scratch in an afternoon.

First, he recorded three amateur punk bands and used a standard record cutter to make a master. Then they whipped up their own colored vinyl and used the master to hand-stamp out some copies. The technique is appealingly low-tech: just boxes of liquid vinyl with a dude standing on top.

Red liquid vinyl in boxes on table in a convention hall.
Record pressing. Yuri Suzuki

For that DIY aesthetic, they left the final products untrimmed. There’s no audio of the results, but just looking at the photos, I’m tempted to heat up the stove at home tonight and see if I can’t make a few back-up copies of Blonde on Blonde.

[via Design Boom]