For those who have never had the incredible experience of eating Asian hot pot, in a nutshell, it involves dipping raw, thinly sliced meats, chopped vegetables, uncooked noodles, dumplings, and more into boiling broth. After your food item is cooked, you then dip it into a sauce of your choosing, be it Taiwanese sha cha sauce, traditional soy sauce, or garlic-sesame-cilantro-spicy combos. It’s a full sensory experience that you can recreate in your own home with these nifty hot pot machines.

The best: Seaan Electric Grill Indoor Hot Pot

You Don’t Have To Choose One

Perfect for hosting a dinner party, since up to eight people can easily enjoy delights from this two-fold machine. Amazon

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Fancy a Korean BBQ and hot pot experience at the same time? This indoor electric machine is one that can do both. The hot pot and grill have independent temperature controls at five different speeds, and it automatically adjusts when it gets too hot. Grill some steak or bulgogi while you cook up some shrimp in a boiling, fragrant broth.

Space-saver: Dezin Electric Hot Pot

Easy To Tuck Away

A tiny but mighty device that is dorm-friendly. Amazon

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Sometimes you just want to eat hot pot solo. This tiny and wallet-conscious machine will let you live your best hot pot life. In addition to using it as a personal hot pot, you can also cook and sauté in it—no stove necessary. Make fried rice, instant noodles, or just boil some eggs with this machine. Clean-up is easy since it has a non-stick pot liner. While you won’t want to host dinner parties with it, this mini electric hot pot (1.5-liter capacity) stores away very nicely.

Split interior: Sonya Shabu Shabu Electric Hot Pot

Heats Up Quickly

For double the broths and delights. Amazon

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If you’re looking to recreate the classic Mongolian hot pot experience, this electric device comes with a finished internal divider so you can enjoy two different broths: spicy and mild, vegetarian and meat-based, the possibilities go on. This stainless steel hot pot has a five-liter capacity, so it’s perfect for hungry families of up to six people. It heats up quickly and also comes with a transparent glass lid so you can feast your eyes before your belly.